Level: 100
Race: Angel
Class: …of Death
Alignment: Neutral

HP: 0
MP: 0

Gender: Not as such
Age: Oh, I don’t know. How old is time?
Height: Inconsequential
Weight: Inconsequential
Sign: Death predates astrology. Death is the alpha, the omega. All things come from and end up in death. Death is the only true constant. Death is… wait, where was I? Oh, never mind.

Strength: Inconsequential
Dexterity: Inconsequential
Intelligence: Inconsequential
Charisma: Inconsequential

Attack: Infinite
Special Abilities: Touch of Death, aptly enough. Also Gaze of Death, Sniff of Death, Lick of Death, Smile of Death, Wink of Death, Recipe of Death, Dance of Death, Assessing the Situation of Death, Taxes of Death, Tree of Death, and so on.
Items: Scythe of Death, Robe of Death, a Timex watch
Familiars: Anything that rots, really