Want to give back because you enjoy the art and like what you see and incentivize me to do it more and more and more?

I realize expecting someone to enjoy this is a tall order, but I'd be incredibly grateful if you did. If you like, you can buy me a cup of coffee on Ko-Fi, or send a donation through PayPal.

Why donate?

Look -- this isn't my job. But donating helps me afford supplies and upkeep on things - server hosting, equipment for drawing, the ability to take time to do it, and so on. It's not necessary and I'm very happy with keeping sharing this free. I'd be very grateful. And if you'd like me to send out a personal message with a donation, just let me know and I'll be glad to provide a personal shout-out on Twitter or during a stream, or something.

If you want money, why don't you do comissions?

I find them infuriating. This is a personal limitation of mine, and I understand that, and for the most part, should not be a reflection of anyone who wants such a thing.

Don't you have a Patreon/Onlyfans/similiar service?

Working on it! If you would like to provide any input on it, such as rewards you'd like to see, feel free to Contact me.