Where did you go?

Oh you know, around. Things get busy, I’ve started a real career and spent a lot of time with that. Plus you know, working with gaming groups, etc, but that sort of stuff is behind me. Well, not the career. I actually enjoy that. Anyway, I figure, I wasn’t finished telling this story, about these… Read More »

Why The Hiatus?

Oh you know, I broke my arm not long ago. Was kind of hard to draw with only one arm. But hey, you finally get a new comic.

How Ratboy is Made Part 3: All The Crap I Do After Pencilling

So in this exciting episode of How Ratboy Is Dead Is Made I’m going to cover two parts, for two reasons. It’s like a buy one, get one sort of deal. Mostly I’m doing this because both processes are simple, and I don’t really necessarily do them in order. So, at some point during this… Read More »

How Ratboy is Made Part 2: Pencilling Like an Idiot

So, after I have a reasonably decent layout, I then actually pencil in each panel. Since this comic is done mostly digitally, I often draw each character individually and then place them on the page later in photoshop, or other times I’ll simply draw the whole panel, such as the example below. I then scan… Read More »