About The Comic

Ratboy Is Dead is a comic conceived by magic elves in a land far, far away. It’s a story about a rat and/or boy who nobody likes, except his two loyal friends, who may or may not share his fate.

The comic is, aside from a few interstitial pages, a serial; as in, read it from page one until the end. And there is an end to the comic… eventually. That’s how serials work, you know. Follow the lovable hijinks of Ratboy, Marvin, and T.J.J. as stuff happens and reality unravels around them.

Ratboy is dead is drawn by atom8bit. Check out his other stuff because that’s important or something.

If you want to know more about the comic, check out the FAQ.

He’s finally back home

Hey… wait. Are things actually up for Ratboy, Marvin and T.J.J.? Did they actually finally get Wish, like, the real Wish? Is Ratboy going to be finally reunited with his Paladin? Is Marsha going to finally propose to the mailman?

Wait.. Scratch that last part. But really, things seem to be going well. I wonder if how that’s going to be ruined.

Redesign and more

After dealing with some personal items and really making some concerted efforts to improve my life, I’m also looking to really get back into doing these comics. To celebrate, I’m doing what I do best, completely changing the look of the site on a whim. I wanted it to be more in tune with atom8bit.com and plan on doing the Damn It, Monkey site this way.

I also really pushed to get the image size up on the new comics, standardizing (going forward) on 1000px widths. I am a bit weary on it as it might make it harder to read on mobile, but let’s see how it goes.

Where did you go?

Oh you know, around. Things get busy, I’ve started a real career and spent a lot of time with that. Plus you know, working with gaming groups, etc, but that sort of stuff is behind me. Well, not the career. I actually enjoy that.

Anyway, I figure, I wasn’t finished telling this story, about these little twerps nobody likes and their magical adventures in the ghetto. And sweet Ghetto Jesus, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve done this. I got a new comic up today, redesigned the entire site, built it out and got rid of some of the unneeded crap on it.

Look, I’ll do my best to keep this updated, but I can’t promise anything. I really can’t. I like work, but it’s extremely demanding, so I’ll do what I can. But I figured I’d do this: If you Donate Anything at all then I’m going to make sure I get a new page up within 3 days, at least for the time being. If this matters to you and you want to take advantage of it, do it now.