About The Comic

Ratboy Is Dead is a comic conceived by magic elves in a land far, far away. It’s a story about a rat and/or boy who nobody likes, except his two loyal friends, who may or may not share his fate. The comic is, aside from a few interstitial pages, a serial; as in, read it from page one until the end. And there is an end to the comic... eventually. That's how serials work, you know. Follow the lovable hijinks of Ratboy, Marvin, and T.J.J. as stuff happens and reality unravels around them.


Why is it called "Ratboy is Dead?" ...Particularly that 'Dead' part?

Ratboy dies. Often. And some people, for some reason, might even want him that way.

How do you make the comic?

With a pen, paper and a little something I like to call... a scanner. Also on the newer pages, I mostly draw it digitally using a Wacom tablet. It took me a bit to get the hang of it, and I also still use good ole pen and paper sometimes, too. I always sketch in pencil first.

How do you make money off of this site, then?

I really don't make much, but some money comes in from donations and ads and ideally, it's at least enough to keep the entire thing going. But usually, it's out of pocket.

What is it with this Elf Butter thing?

Elf Butter? Don't you get it? I mean, Elf Butter is... well, it's Elf Butter. I don't think it really needs much of an explanation. Come on, man.

What is AC&G?

AC&G: Advanced Cellars and Geckos. That and Sorcery: The Get Together are parodies of something. So is Pokemans. You figure it out.

Can I redistribute this comic? I really like it and want to share it!

Yes! I encourage sharing this with all of your friends. Share it all you want. If you use it for something else, that's great. I'd like to know about it, though. And you're NEVER allowed to use this for a commercial purpose.

I found a mistake on your site.

Good eye!

    I really want to tell you about it. I'm insecure and have an ingrained need to point out other's flaws to distract them from my own.

Then either:

  1. leave me a message about it, or
  2. leave me alone.
If you're an asshat, though, I might publicly ridicule you.

    Ooh, so if I am intentionally rude I can be "famous" on your site?

No, never mind on that. Probably. Besides, if that's your plan, rethink both your definition of the word famous and your life.

Why don't you update more often?

Look, I update when I can and when I feel like it. I work full time. We all have personal lives, too. It's hard, man. I'm getting to it, I swear!