Illness and API

Okay. So I'll probably keep this quite short, as I'm not feeling all that well. I've been sick all weekend, as a matter of fact. But it gave me a chance to watch Seasons 3-5 of the Simpsons again and catch up on a little reading.

But the amount of work I really did in regards to the website is nil, but I'm a little ahead of where we're at in the comic, so it's not that big of a deal. Updates will still continue. Also, Internet Explorer Users, The Twitter API seems to work for you know. So thanks, Twitter!

So, next update is Wednesday, probably. In the meantime, would anybody prefer to go get me some Ibuprofen from the store? I seem to be running low. I'll be somewhere in my apartment, lying down, as the act of typing this has made me lightheaded.