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He’s finally back home

Hey… wait. Are things actually up for Ratboy, Marvin and T.J.J.? Did they actually finally get Wish, like, the real Wish? Is Ratboy going to be finally reunited with his Paladin? Is Marsha going to finally propose to the mailman? Wait.. Scratch that last part. But really, things seem to be going well. I wonder… Read More »

Redesign and more

After dealing with some personal items and really making some concerted efforts to improve my life, I’m also looking to really get back into doing these comics. To celebrate, I’m doing what I do best, completely changing the look of the site on a whim. I wanted it to be more in tune with… Read More »

Where did you go?

Oh you know, around. Things get busy, I’ve started a real career and spent a lot of time with that. Plus you know, working with gaming groups, etc, but that sort of stuff is behind me. Well, not the career. I actually enjoy that. Anyway, I figure, I wasn’t finished telling this story, about these… Read More »

Why The Hiatus?

Oh you know, I broke my arm not long ago. Was kind of hard to draw with only one arm. But hey, you finally get a new comic.

How Ratboy is Made Part 3: All The Crap I Do After Pencilling

So in this exciting episode of How Ratboy Is Dead Is Made I’m going to cover two parts, for two reasons. It’s like a buy one, get one sort of deal. Mostly I’m doing this because both processes are simple, and I don’t really necessarily do them in order. So, at some point during this… Read More »

How Ratboy is Made Part 2: Pencilling Like an Idiot

So, after I have a reasonably decent layout, I then actually pencil in each panel. Since this comic is done mostly digitally, I often draw each character individually and then place them on the page later in photoshop, or other times I’ll simply draw the whole panel, such as the example below. I then scan… Read More »

How is a Ratboy Comic Made?

This is honestly the only real question I get asked consistently. Yes, the term FAQ might not be entirely accurate. It’s not a terribly complicated process, so here’s a fun blog post about how I do this. There are actually two different methods I’ve used – whether I draw the comics by hand and just… Read More »

Character Designs

You know what you might find mildly interesting? A character design I’ve been working on. Pickles by ~apathyzeal on DeviantArt This is Pickles. He is a being of great power. You’ll get that joke if you look again. Pickles is on the right, I haven’t named his pet yet. Also here’s something that I won’t… Read More »