The Great San Diego Black Out Of 2011

So, looks like I survived the Great San Diego Blackout Of 2011, with little more than a twelve hour hiccup in how quickly I updated my comic. That should be good to go.

The local power company in San Diego was a little alarmist about it, though - posting things like "Enact your personal family emergency plan now." But they handled the situation well, in the fact everything was turned on much more quickly than was expected, which, is actually pretty awesome. Still, millions of people with out power doesn't happen too terribly often. Although, seemingly, there's something about a flashing red light that interrupts people's memories on what the right of way means.

A photo from the blackout:

Picture of what the great san diego blackout looked like

So, onto some stuff about Ratboy, which is what I was working on in between Mario Kart races online when the power went out: There's a LiveJournal Feed for everyone that still uses LiveJournal. It'll make things super convenient and I'm sure I'll have some sort of button at the top for it, too. I'll never tire in my efforts to find new ways that you people can obsessively stalk my comics. And let's keep that to obsessively stalking only my comics, mmkay??

By the way, I'd like to also take this opportunity to thank my good friend Jessi Bencloski for creating the LiveJournal feed. Everyone be sure to check out her awesome artwork at