Teasing My Readers

So, I came across some old Ratboy comics I did in high school. Honestly, I don't really know precisely why I'm writing about this right now - I currently have zero intention of posting them, but it's curious to see how much things have evolved over 15 years. Which really means that it was pretty darn crappy. That's not a joke, seriously - this comic used to look like it was drawn by a 15 year old. Oh, wait, it was.

I'm sure all six of my loyal readers are actually a little curious to see these comics - like I said, I have no intention of posting them. Honestly, I did think about it, but this comic- this version of it- is still in its infancy more or less and really, that would be at best premature. What I'll like do it is save this - hold onto it for a while longer (provided my cat doesn't eat this too) and perhaps offer it as some sort of incentive; perhaps something along the lines of an exciting donation prize instead of the wallpaper I currently offer (which is awesome, by the way.)

So I guess keep checking in their, and don't get too mad that I spent an entire blog post teasing you.