Super Exciting Contest Challenge

So, here's the deal. Let's see if we can get Ratboy's Facebook Page up to 100 likes by the time I am planning on posting the 100th comic - March 12th, 2012.

If everyone manages to do it, I'll post a super awesome piece of art both here and on my DeviantArt page of an upcoming major character in Ratboy. If we don't have 100 likes when I post the 100th page, then you all will never know what it might be, because I'll never post it for everyone to see. I'm a vindictive asshole like that.

No, seriously. I'll probably make people pay to see it or something, like through the Donation Area Am I a jerk? No, I'm helping you for helping me! Win, win, really.

Helpful tip: A good way to accomplish this feat is telling other people to like the page!