Shut Up

Okay, so two new characters. And a couple of really rotten jokes follow the pages the rest of this week. Yeah, sorry. Kind of need to introduce these two characters. So, until that's done, shut up.

Wait, no, read the comic. Then shut up. Then shut up more, and while you're shutting up, you can see that both Marvin and T.J.J. have pages on the Cast page, just like Ratboy does.

So shut up because I'm shutting up now, too.

Im In Ur Fasbuk Likin Ur Pajez

So, Ratboy is Dead now has an awesome Facebook Page for you to go like! Also, you can just hit the Facebook link at the top, or, if you're really lazy - just hit the Like button All the way up there by the Donate button you should also probably be using.

Also, there's another comic page due to be put up tomorrow. My tentative plan is to keep posting comics on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, but we'll see how that goes, exactly. I can't promise anything, and therefore, I won't. Har har.

And So It Was Written...

Well, it looks like Ratboy has already begun! I am pretty much going to end up updating this as I have time. Don't like that I have a job and a social life? Nuts to you!

Aside from that, I've changed the format slightly to actually be able to keep with udpates, and I've already written a lot of the comic beforehand. So ideally, this'll be a more manageable endeavor.

While this is coincidentally the day after my other comic ended, I really chose this day as it's the anniversary of James Buchanan's inauguration of the transatlantic telegraph cable. Seems appropriate for the debut of a new web comic.