I say things because I am popular

I know I haven't really blogged here in a bit, but I've had a lot going on and not much to really talk about. Plus it probably doesn't matter because ideally you're here to read the comic and not these inane dribblings below it. But I have a lot to talk about right now, so go away if your attention span is low.

So, first off, I finally fixed that damn Twitter widget. I don't know what, exactly, I did to the javascript, but it's working now properly and not rending ridiculous usernames and displaying random pieces of HTML. We're alll better off, really. I hope that's the last of it, the darned thing has given me more trouble than I like.

I'm sure you also noticed some new stuff below that and also near the bottom of the page. The reason for that is because Ink Outbreak is actually a pretty cool place where you can find a lot of web comics that would otherwise just be lost in the aether of the internet (not to be confused with ethernet) and I am on the site. Which is really prestigious because I put myself on there after I signed up. But you can follow me there, too - along with a whole slew of other great webcomics.

Also I don't think I'll be posting many Satuday updates anymore. I'm not sure but my works schedule might change soon - yes, I have a day job OMG SHOCK - and I want to be able to keep up with this. It's important to you, both of my fans. I'll make it up to you guys and give you, oh, a bonus comic tomorrow. Happy now?

Short and Uninteresting

You may not know this, but what is interesting is that once in a while I will add a character to the cast page. Pretty much, these will be recurring characters - like Ratboy's Mom or something, maybe like a certain mystery assailant or something. You should check it out.

And you know, there's probably a new comic with a lame Star Wars joke or something going on, too. It can only get better from here.

The Things I Do For You People!

Oh, hey! I didn't see you there. Probably because this is the internet and if I saw you there, it would be really creepy.

So, I finally bit the bullet, and I added ALT text to all the comic pages. I don't really know why I didn't do this before, since pretty much every web comic online ever does it and it's pretty much overdone but some comics do it well so I am also doing it. You can find them in easy to read text format.

I think I also probably added the title to the actual comic pages, for easy to read convenience for you, the viewer.

Going to stop talking like that now, too. Bye!

Now With a Fun Prize Inside!

Hey! Check it out exciting readers of my exciting comic that like me and I like them:

I totally think you should know that anybody who donates any amount greater than zero receives a a nifty prize!. It's a wallpaper. Ubiquitous, I know, but it's neat and it'll class up any desktop it's on. Or laptop, or whatever you want to put it on. There's a variety of resolutions and you'll like it a lot. Yessir.

Of course, if you want something else, you can advertise. Drive traffic to your sites! Ads are possibly there already! I'm not resposible for their content. Especially of the sites they go to. Neat.

What's This Madness?

So, what's happening? Not a lot, really. I mean, I have two cats, they're kind of interesting.

The comic itself is coming along well. Sorry for the filler yesterday. Filler's not all a bad thing, though. I'm to understand people really DO cry during The Price is Right. I mean, that sort of thing does make me a little sad, and not in an I'm going to cry way. But it's true. Also, the pictures of Ratboy running from page 4? Totally based off someone I saw run the day before I drew that. He was just running out to the mailbox, but it made me laugh aloud and had to include it.

I guess you can expect the plot to actually resume before the week is out. If you're lucky...

Illness and API

Okay. So I'll probably keep this quite short, as I'm not feeling all that well. I've been sick all weekend, as a matter of fact. But it gave me a chance to watch Seasons 3-5 of the Simpsons again and catch up on a little reading.

But the amount of work I really did in regards to the website is nil, but I'm a little ahead of where we're at in the comic, so it's not that big of a deal. Updates will still continue. Also, Internet Explorer Users, The Twitter API seems to work for you know. So thanks, Twitter!

So, next update is Wednesday, probably. In the meantime, would anybody prefer to go get me some Ibuprofen from the store? I seem to be running low. I'll be somewhere in my apartment, lying down, as the act of typing this has made me lightheaded.

The Great San Diego Black Out Of 2011

So, looks like I survived the Great San Diego Blackout Of 2011, with little more than a twelve hour hiccup in how quickly I updated my comic. That should be good to go.

The local power company in San Diego was a little alarmist about it, though - posting things like "Enact your personal family emergency plan now." But they handled the situation well, in the fact everything was turned on much more quickly than was expected, which, is actually pretty awesome. Still, millions of people with out power doesn't happen too terribly often. Although, seemingly, there's something about a flashing red light that interrupts people's memories on what the right of way means.

A photo from the blackout:

Picture of what the great san diego blackout looked like

So, onto some stuff about Ratboy, which is what I was working on in between Mario Kart races online when the power went out: There's a LiveJournal Feed for everyone that still uses LiveJournal. It'll make things super convenient and I'm sure I'll have some sort of button at the top for it, too. I'll never tire in my efforts to find new ways that you people can obsessively stalk my comics. And let's keep that to obsessively stalking only my comics, mmkay??

By the way, I'd like to also take this opportunity to thank my good friend Jessi Bencloski for creating the LiveJournal feed. Everyone be sure to check out her awesome artwork at Benwhoski.com.

Schminternet Schmexschplorer

Are you using Internet Explorer? I'm not going to go on and on about what Browser you should or shouldn't use, but I thought I should let every one know that the Twitter API (see my tweets just to the right, if you're on the front page?) (also, if you don't see them, read on!) has a known issue with Internet Explorer 9. So you won't see them until the good folks at Twitter fix that.

And really, you're missing out on some real gems, like "Is it raining?" and "OMG zLook I M BUYN GROSERIES" or "Send help-Am being held hostage"

...Wait, no, I'm not like that.

So, the next comic is up Friday, and maybe I'll do something interesting before then. Maybe.

It's The Little Things

Interestingly, I seem to actually be keeping up on this comic this time. Which is awesome. And all of you said I couldn't. Guess I've showed you. So far.

Anyway, I've added some little jokes here and there. I'm sure you've seen that the slogan up top changes every single time. I've added a couple of those. I've also added some rollover jokes. There's some on (almost) every page. You can find it by rolling your cursor over, well, just any part of text or an image or something and it will be fun.

Ha, ha! Have fun with your scavenger hunt!

Current Update Plans

So, currently, the plan seems to be updating Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Going to do my best with that. I'll also, for the next few weeks, anyway, be updating Saturdays or something. Maybe Sundays. No guarantees, but I'd like to, to get the comic really running and going. I mean, there's this whole plot thing people will need to follow and it's a little hard to do that when additions to that plot come sporadically, I realize.

Damn you and your short, television poisioned attention spans. Especially curse you, television, for being so entertaining. Also now I'm going to go watch something on Netflix, maybe.

While I'm being amused by the antics of some zany cast of characters, be sure to go leave praise for the comic (or me, why not?) on the Ratboy is Dead Facebook Page Which You Totally Can And Should Like.