Maybe I Should Blog About My Cat

I have two cats. They're really awesome cats. They really mean a lot to me and I wouldn't trade them or anything about them for the world. But one of them eats my comics, all the time. It's pretty common for cats to develop pica and I realize that, but my cat... well, he's really particular in what he eats that doesn't have much if any nutritional value for him. While, conversely, he's pretty much okay with eating any sort of cat food all the time and doesn't seem discriminate about that at all.

You see - he only eats paper. And paper that has my comics on it. It's... I guess I just don't know what to make of it. Usually he waits until they're scanned in, and today I found he had actually gotten ahold of a comic I did in high school, which was like a millions years ago or something (or like just over a decade or something MATH IS HARD SHUT UP) and was eating the cover sheet on it. Which isn't a huge deal, but, man, this has to stop, really. I mean, paper can't be all that great for him and he mostly spits it back out... but, come on, cat.