Looking Forward to Not Looking Back

Good to be blogging here again. It's coming back to an old friend. And by that, I mean whatever, shut up.

I think one of my resolutions this year will not to be so abusive and cranky in these blogs. Good thing for me it's tradition to give up your new year's resolution in preparation for February starting.

So, I added this nifty Handy RPG Status Window under the comic on the front page and on each individual comic page. It really serves no purpose unless you don't pay attention or don't care, but it's cool, it makes the comic even more like an RPG. Just like mother nature intended a comic to be like. Ask Josh Whedon, it's what he wanted to do with Firefly. Anyway, it won't update all the time, but it will help you from having to read each character sheet every update in case something changes - it'll let you know what changes. I should probably have included links but too late. Or I could retro fit it, since I did retro fit it to all the comics already. Maybe I'll do that.

Maybe. No time to look back, 2012 is almost here. At least, it's a handy excuse right now! Har har.