I Really Want More Attention So Look At Me Now Hey Look At Me Look Look Look

Oh, hi. Didn't notice you there. How are you? Don't answer that, it'll make you weird.

Anyway, so I finally broke down and put those vote-for-me-on-this-list-of-web-comics things on my site. They're all to the left on the main page, totally check them out, guys. Please? By the way, not to put too fine a point on it - Ink Outbreak is a really good one that you guys should not only follow me on, but totally check out tons of other really awesome webcomics on. There's a treasure trove of them there.

So, that's it. New comic Monday. I got several compliments on the the current comic posted which is really awesome of you guys. Good to know when I do something right!

As for now, I have a party to get to, where I'm totally rocking a black mage costume I made. It's probably not a very well done costume, but it'll do.