Digital Vs. Hand Drawn Art

So, yes, I realize the past couple of updates haven't had the same standards of art that I'm usually used to adhering to. Not that my artwork is particularly mind-blowing, I realize, but I'd like to think it's at least comptently done most of the time, and certainly isn't another bad anime fan comic drawn in No. 2 pencil.

I don't know exactly how many people read webcomics for the art alone (though, I would hope it's at least a deciding factor in some sense), as I've noticed a lot of people read, say gag-a-day comics or gaming comics or steampunk comics or something along those lines mostly. I don't think a lot of people specifically go looking for strechy-squishy cartoon fantasy gaming parodies all that often. So, ideally the style of art, at least, or the subject matter is a draw. Or even, more than that, people actually laugh occasionally.

But back to the art the past couple of days - you see, I got this new Wacom tablet for Christmas. I was crazy excited about it and jumped right in and started drawing - not realizing that it actually was a lot different than drawing with mechanical pencil and Micron pens. A lot different. It took some real getting used to, as a matter of fact, and I also posted some inferior artwork on my Deviant Art page (which, I have since removed said piece of art). So I spent the week practicing with this thing, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. Starting to... I did manage to finish this Princess Daisy/Nyan Cat picture, which I'm fairly pleased with.

So you'll probably see more and more leanings towards entirely digital art as the comic continues to progress. But if you have some huge preference of me doing handdrawn vs. entirely digital art, please feel free to email me your opinion, as I'm way too lazybusy to write a comment section for these blogs.