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Priorities and Conspiracies

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Handy RPG Status Window

Page 133  Officer Derek MacKibble gains a new nickname: Der-Bear!

Page 129  Brucemore Man loses all of his items.

Page 124  You Unlocked Brucemore Man's Character Sheet!

Page 122  Ratboy gains a merit:  Worth!
Oh, wait, no he doesn't... just teasing.

Page 113  You Unlocked Old Man Lester's Character Sheet!

Page 111  You Unlocked Young Man Lester's Character Sheet!

Page 110  Ratboy is cured of depression!
Ratboy gains a flaw:  Vitamin defficiency!

Page 104  Ratboy gains a derangement:  Depression!

Page 100  Ratboy is dead.

Page 99  Ratboy's Counterfeit Card becomes the level eight spell card:  Death Spell!

Page 98  Ratboy loses the level ten spell card:  Wish and unlocks the Counterfeit Card!

Page 94  Patty G gains an item:  Ratboy's Shoes.
Ratboy gains a level ten spell card:  Wish!

Page 88  You Unlocked Patty G's Character Sheet!

Page 76  Marvin gains a derangement:  Obsession

Page 70  Ratboy gains proficiency:  Vocabulary +1

Page 65  Ratboy's Paladin Is Dead.

Page 60  You Unlocked Elven Paladin's Character Sheet's Character Sheet!

Page 59  Apparently, Marvin's and T.J.J.'s HP/MP were restored, too!

Page 58  Ratboy's HP/MP is restored!

Page 55  Ratboy loses all of his HP.
Ratboy is Dead.
Marvin loses all of his HP.
Marvin is Dead.
T.J.J. loses all of his HP.
T.J.J. is Dead.

Page 54  Ratboy's HP/MP is restored!

Page 53  T.J.J. Loses his Goblin Virgin Card.
T.J.J. and Marvin lose all their MP.

Page 46  T.J.J. loses 1 HP.

Page 40  Ratboy is dead.
You unlocked Death's character sheet!

Page 39  Ratboy gained an item:  Bullet to the chest!

Page 31  T.J.J. unlocks the pokeball item!

Page 30  Marvin gains Pokemans cards!

Page 22  Ratboy loses his Han Doll.
You Unlcoked ????'s Character Sheet!

Page 21  Ratboy learned a new skill:  Duck and cover!
You Unlocked Ratboy#039;s Mum#039;s Character Sheet!

Page 19  Ratboy#039;s HP/MP was restored!

Page 14  Marvin loses 1 HP!

Page 12  Ratboy gains a merit:  Integrity!

Page 11  Marvin gains a derangement:  Irritability!

Page 5  You Unlocked Marvin's Character Sheet!
You Unlocked T.J.J.'s Character Sheet!

Page 4  Ratboy Increased His Running Away Proficiency!

Page 2  Ratboy unlocks an item:  Daisy!

     Today's Comic:  Priorities and Conspiracies

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April  2014

Hey, I Tweeted this stuff:


I have a valid excuse this time...

Seriously, like pretty much right after the last comic I posted, I broke my arm. It's healing now, and out of a cast. And I did a new comic. You're welcome!


Where the hell have you been?

Busy. Sort of going back to school for a degree which is long overdue. On top of that I also work full time and help admin one of the most awesome meet up groups ever and I'm really glad I found time to do this finally. Looks like I have to update a lot of things on this site...

That is all.



How Ratboy Is Dead Is Made

Part 3: What I Do After Pencilling

So in this exciting episode of How Ratboy Is Dead Is Made I'm going to cover two parts, for two reasons. It's like a buy one, get one sort of deal. Mostly I'm doing this because both processes are simple, and I don't really necessarily do them in order.

So, at some point during this process I ink the characters. I usually do this part first, because the background gets a bit easier to place around something solid. I prefer to use a nice, crisp line with my wacom tablet when creating these.

After that, or sometimes before that, I'll do teh backgrounds. Backgrounds are always an odd process because half the time I don't really know what to put and use an abstract paint background, or manipulate a photo or something. It's easier and I realize it makes me a lazy asshole. But I do draw them, too! I'm pretty loose one what constitutes a background, but lately, I've been fond of thicker, less defined lines and textures. Whatever helps the composition, really. There are two good examples in the image below.

So, after that, I generally make sure all this is placed and looks reasonably decent. I put a few finishing touches on each piece, like the crappy shading in the background, then move on to the next step.

Next time: Making people say what they should say

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